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Building lang/clag with libcxx etc. (was: building lang/llvm with pkgsrc clang)

> LLVM has its own C++ library named libc++ (aka libcxx). But pkgsrc
> only builds clang with libc++ on SunOS:
>     # Enable full LLVM suite on SunOS
>     .if ${OPSYS} == "SunOS"
>     .include "../../lang/compiler-rt/"
>     .include "../../lang/libcxx/"
>     .include "../../lang/libcxxabi/"
>     .include "../../lang/libunwind/"
>     .endif
> You can edit the Makefile to remove that conditional (.if ${OPSYS} ==
> "SunOS") and Clang will be built with libc++.
But will I then need the llvm package on the machines that run the compiled 
binaries? Or is there a way of factoring out the libraries?

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