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Re: using pkgsrc with pkgsrc clang

GDT> I think if you start with nothing and build clang and then set
GDT> PKGSRC_COMPILER you will be ok.
EF> Wouldn't I at least need to re-build libtool-base?
GDT> Maybe, but the C ABI should be the same; C is a language with an actual
GDT> ABI, vs <baiting>the broken glass of C++</> :-)
Don't I get these "unable to infer mode of operation" failures when I don't 
rebuild libtool-base with the new compiler settings?

Btw it took more than three hours to build gcc6, half an hour to build cmake, 
then four hours to build llvm and finally two to three hours (I can't tell 
exactly because it waited for the root PW to install llvm) to build clang. 
All in all it took nearly eleven or twelve hours. Wow.

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