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Re: remove wm/oroborus + it's utilities?

I've got to admit having a soft spot for many retro window managers -
they're often very artistic, and I think there's value in keeping them
around to preserve UX patterns and aesthetics, but oroborus isn't realy
one I'm particularly attached to (unlike, say, blackbox, fvwm, qvwm,
and enlightenment).

This is in contrast to old desktop environments, which tend to be
entangled messes and generally a maintenance burden.

1) Are the dependencies problematic (does it depend on rotting build
   tools, old widget toolkits, or similar)?  From a quick glance at
   oroborus itself, it's pretty much depending on X11 and autoconf,
   stuff that's going to be around for a very long time.

   It's not written in ancient C++ or K&R C, so it's got a pretty
   good chance of continuing to work with modern compilers.

   deskmenu has a dependency on GTK 2.

2) Are we carrying around a lot of technical debt (like undocumented
   patches and workarounds for NetBSD 4)? 

   The package wm/oroborus looks exceptionally clean.

   The others are also quite good.

3) Is oroborus unique or historically important enough to be worth
   keeping? I'd guess no - from what I remember it was the default
   window manager of very old GNOME (... or was that Sawfish)?.
   Not sure how much use it's seen outside of that context.

   After trying it out in Xnest, it seems pretty boring.

4) Is it a burden for people running bulk builds? I run them quite
   frequently and I've rarely noticed oroborus's existence - it
   consistently builds quickly.

5) Does it still work well?  When I tried it, I found it basic enough
   that there's very little to go wrong.

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