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Re: lang/sbcl update

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

>> As it is, I can't tell if you tested what needs to be tested given the
>> bootstrap commments.
> Not much, as I said.

I just did 'make package' and that built clisp and sbcl, and both could
add, so I called that good enough.  It sounds like clisp being troubled
on GNU/Linux is not an sbcl issue.

>> > It might be nice to add an option to build the documentation (manual
>> > gmake build in the doc/manual directory succeeds provided print/dvipsk
>> > and devel/gtexinfo are available; I always build it manually locally
>> > modifying the PLIST.
>> Feel free to add wip/sbcl with that.
> I'll try. Otherwise I guess for now it should be ok just to bump the
> version and remove the unnecessary patch.

It was also necessary to prepare a commit message, which is one of the
reasons I suggest wip, where COMMIT_MSG should be present with that work
already done.  I like Lisp (Scheme really, but it's family), and
upstream NEWS was pretty good (plus listing individual bugfixes) so I
did that myself this time.

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