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lang/sbcl update


At present lang/sbcl is at version 2.1.10; the current version is
2.2.5. Trivial replacement of the version number in Makefile and
distinfo, removal of patches/patch-src_runtime_run-program.c (NetBSD
conditionals apparently have been accepted upstream) is enough to get
it going; tested on NetBSD-current (amd64) and Ubuntu 20.04 (aarch64),
bootstrapped by an existing sbcl installation (lang/clisp failed
miserably under Ubuntu, btw, so I had to apt install older sbcl).

It might be nice to add an option to build the documentation (manual
gmake build in the doc/manual directory succeeds provided print/dvipsk
and devel/gtexinfo are available; I always build it manually locally
modifying the PLIST.



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