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Re: lang/sbcl update

On Sun, 12 Jun 2022 at 11:50, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
> Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:
> > At present lang/sbcl is at version 2.1.10; the current version is
> > 2.2.5. Trivial replacement of the version number in Makefile and
> > distinfo, removal of patches/patch-src_runtime_run-program.c (NetBSD
> > conditionals apparently have been accepted upstream) is enough to get
> > it going; tested on NetBSD-current (amd64) and Ubuntu 20.04 (aarch64),
> > bootstrapped by an existing sbcl installation (lang/clisp failed
> > miserably under Ubuntu, btw, so I had to apt install older sbcl).
> I don't follow the bootstrapping issues.  For pkgsrc, we require that
> starting from an empty pkgsrc installation "make package" works.  That
> seems to be about using a clisp implementation that does build.  (It's
> fine if people have workarounds on troubled systems; it's not fine if
> the plan is for everyone to have to deal.)

I'll check again the clisp build under Linux; obviously its failure
blocks the normal bootstrap of sbcl at the moment.
> As usual, feel free to drop an update in wip.
> As it is, I can't tell if you tested what needs to be tested given the
> bootstrap commments.

Not much, as I said.

> > It might be nice to add an option to build the documentation (manual
> > gmake build in the doc/manual directory succeeds provided print/dvipsk
> > and devel/gtexinfo are available; I always build it manually locally
> > modifying the PLIST.
> Feel free to add wip/sbcl with that.

I'll try. Otherwise I guess for now it should be ok just to bump the
version and remove the unnecessary patch.


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