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Re: Testing rust 1.56.0

nia <> writes:

> Surely llvm should be updated rather than requiring
> bundled llvm simply because it's a newer version?

I don't see this as either-or.

If somebody thinks llvm should be updated and wants to, they should go
ahead and do that, with the usual caveats of not breaking things.

When updating rust, if it doesn't work with the llvm in pkgsrc, then it
seems like a valid workaround for the upstream bug of needing recent
versions of everything to turn on the option.

I feel that adding a rule that one can't do the 2nd thing is just going
to delay rust and delay other things, or lead to a rushed update and

But for now, I don't entirely understand what is going on.  The recent
discussion seems to be only about macOS, but it also seems that the
option is turned on for all systems with HAVE_LLVM in mk.conf, without a
bug reference.

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