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Testing rust 1.56.0


as some of you have noticed, I committed the update of rust
1.56.0 to pkgsrc-wip a few days ago.

In order to move this into pkgsrc proper, there's some
requirements for testing that it works as intended.  Some of this
is described in

I've expanded and split part of this table, and introduced a new
category, "native-build", meaning that rust has completed a build
of a native compiler on that platform.

I've also marked "Status" for my own completed or ongoing
building / testing, the legend for the markings are:

x - successfully completed
o - ongoing (some of these take a while)
w - waiting for dependent step, intention to complete

I therefore now solicit assistance in completing those which I
have not marked.  Send progress reports to me, and I'll update
the table.

Best regards,


- Håvard


Status  OS      version         CPU                     test

x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> i386           cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> ppc (8.0)      cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> ppc (>=9.0)    cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> armv7          cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> aarch64        cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> aarch64_be     cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64 -> sparc64        cross-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64                   native-build
x NetBSD        current         amd64                   librsvg
x NetBSD        current         amd64                   firefox-run
  NetBSD        current         i386                    native-build
  NetBSD        current         aarch64                 native-build
  NetBSD        9               amd64                   native-build
  NetBSD        9               amd64                   librsvg
  NetBSD        9               amd64                   firefox-run
o NetBSD        9               i386                    native-build
w NetBSD        9               i386                    librsvg
w NetBSD        9               i386                    firefox
o NetBSD        9               aarch64                 native-build
w NetBSD        9               aarch64                 librsvg
  NetBSD        9               aarch64                 firefox-run
o NetBSD        9               earmv7hf-el             native-build
w NetBSD        9               earmv7hf-el             librsvg
  NetBSD        9               sparc64                 native-build
  NetBSD        9               ppc                     native-build
o NetBSD        8               ppc                     native-build
x NetBSD        8               amd64                   native-build
x NetBSD        8               amd64                   librsvg
x NetBSD        8               i386                    native-build
x NetBSD        8               i386                    librsvg
  illumos       std             amd64                   native-build
  illumos       std             amd64                   librsvg
  macOS         ?               aarch64                 none
  macOS         ?               amd64                   native-build
  macOS         ?               amd64                   librsvg
  Linux         ?               amd64                   bootstrap
  Linux         ?               i386                    none
  Linux         ?               aarch64                 none
  Linux         ?               armv7                   none
  Linux         ?               armv7                   none
  FreeBSD       ?               amd64                   none

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