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Re: Testing rust 1.56.0

Havard Eidnes <> writes:

> As noted earlier, it looks like it's now required to do the
> wip/rust build with
> PKG_OPTIONS.rust+=      rust-llvm
> set in /etc/mk.conf, so before the update is pushed to main
> pkgsrc that default may have to change, but for now the wip/rust
> package appears to require it.

I would expect that this depends on the platform and the system llvm.

It seems clear that the package should be adjusted so that it builds
with default options.  To me, if you build with default options and it
fails, that counts as failure, even if building with non-default options
works.  Of course that is easily rectified by conditionally putting
options into SUGGESTED.

I'm guessing that's what you meant and are intending, but wanted to say
it out loud.

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