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Re: Testing rust 1.56.0

>> As noted earlier, it looks like it's now required to do the
>> wip/rust build with
>> PKG_OPTIONS.rust+= rust-llvm
>> set in /etc/mk.conf, so before the update is pushed to main
>> pkgsrc that default may have to change, but for now the wip/rust
>> package appears to require it.
> I've already told you off-list but, it builds fine with llvm-12
> from main pkgsrc.  I don't have PKG_OPTIONS.rust+= rust-llvm
> set in /etc/mk.conf and the build was not only successful but,
> as stated it compiles working binaries of rust applications.

Hm, OK, the breakage might then be non-universal.  Adam reported
the following:

   I tried the package on macOS 12, but building fails. Then I
   tried again with (external) LLVM 13 and it builds correctly. My
   guess is, with 'rust-llvm' option turned off, Rust requires
   LLVM 13 for all architectures.

So ... is this a problem only on macOS 12?

> Thank you for your efforts on this. Be assured, I'll always try
> to build the latest rust in amd64 current and test it.

Thanks, it's appreciated.


- Håvard

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