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Re: Testing rust 1.56.0

On Thursday, October 28th, 2021 at 08:42, Havard Eidnes <> wrote:

> Assistance in getting those which don't say "none" above ticked
> off would be much appreciated.

Hope you get this in asap and that rust-1.56 can be imported.
For the record, I've been using it for one week now on amd64 current without issues.
Built several packages with it.

> As noted earlier, it looks like it's now required to do the
> wip/rust build with
> PKG_OPTIONS.rust+= rust-llvm
> set in /etc/mk.conf, so before the update is pushed to main
> pkgsrc that default may have to change, but for now the wip/rust
> package appears to require it.

I've already told you off-list but, it builds fine with llvm-12 from main pkgsrc.
I don't have PKG_OPTIONS.rust+= rust-llvm set in /etc/mk.conf and the build was
not only successful but, as stated it compiles working binaries of rust applications.

Thank you for your efforts on this. Be assured, I'll always try to build the latest rust
in amd64 current and test it.

Best Regards,

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