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Re: x11/libXtst build failure on macOS

On Mon, Aug 02, 2021 at 03:15:21PM +0100, Michael-John Turner wrote:
> Thanks. I can see that the missing libs are not listed in files/xorg but
> they are listed in files/xorg.Xfixes, but it's not clear to me how any of
> the xorg.* files ever get used as I can't see any other reference to them?

Look at the bottom of

.for pkg in ${BUILDLINK_TREE:N-*:Nx11-links:O:u}
IGNORE_PKG.${pkg}=      yes
.  if defined(USE_BUILTIN.${pkg}) && \
.    if exists(${FILESDIR}/xorg.${pkg})
FILES_LIST+=            ${FILESDIR}/xorg.${pkg}
.    elif exists(${FILESDIR}/xfree.${pkg})
FILES_LIST+=            ${FILESDIR}/xfree.${pkg}
.    endif
.  endif

> FWIW, I do also have x11/libXfixes installed as a dependency of, eg,
> x11/xcursor. With native XOrg should it link to the existing libXfixes or
> always build a modular copy?

That depends on the version provided by the native Xorg compared to
the version requested by the package that's pulling it in.

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