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Re: x11/libXtst build failure on macOS

On Mon, Aug 02, 2021 at 02:20:54PM +0100, Michael-John Turner wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm in the process of testing the new qt6 packages in WIP on macOS but get
> a build failure on macOS with one of the dependencies, x11/libXtst:
> ====
> configure: error: Package requirements (x11 >= 1.6 xext >= xi recordproto >= xextproto >= inputproto) were not met:
> Package 'xfixes', required by 'xi', not found
> ====
> I am using X11_TYPE=native and have XQuartz installed. I can see that
> x11-links doesn't install a link for libXfixes, with the result that
> there's no link to it from .buildlink when libXtst is built. Not sure if
> this is the reason for the build failure?

Possibly.  You can check the files in x11-links/files to find out if
the exact file names for the Xfixes files that Xquartz provides are
included, and add them if not.

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