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Re: To remove or not to remove

as far as I know ( which means pkgsrc2020Q2 or Q3), python36 seems to be the last compatible version of python working with Solaris 10. If possible I would like pkgsrc  to keep python36,

On Fri, Feb 5, 2021 at 7:51 PM Greg Troxel <> wrote:

Adam <> writes:

> databases/postgresql95 - soon is going to reach end-of-life, and we have 5 other versions

While I don't have any desire personally to keep this, it is about to,
on Feb 11, have a final release.  That's not the date at which it is
presumed to have unfixed vulnerabilities, which I'd put at somewhat
later.  I reallly don't know who is and isn't running it, but I do know
that scheduling upgrades is in general not trivial.  So this strikes me
as premature, vs after the next branch, which means stable users lose it
on 7/1, which is a good ways afer the last security release.

In general I try to think of what's in the best interest of users, and I
don't see that dropping it now is.  I also don't see that dropping it
now makes the task of maintaining pkgsrc easier in any significant way.

So I don't undrestand your reasoning for deleting it now.

> lang/python36 - more and more packages are incompatible with this
> version of Python; we have 3.7, 3.8, and 3.9 to choose from

I don't see that as good reasons.   The good reason would be "1) upstream
has said there will not even be security fixes and the last one was on
date X (which was a while ago) and 2) there do not seem to be any
programs in python in pkgsrc, or not in pkgsrc, that work with 3.6 and
do not work with newer versions."

Maybe that's true, but you didn't make the case that needs to be made
for deletion.

(No objections to things not mentioned.)

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