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Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: Build failure for lang/gcc9 on Linux

On 2/4/21, 23:41, "" <> wrote:

    On Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 12:25:41AM +0000, Morgan, Iain (ARC-TN)[InuTeq, LLC] wrote:
    >     I suspect that disabling fortify will also work around it
    >     (PKGSRC_USE_FORTIFY=no)
    > Thanks for the response. I just tried setting PKGSRC_USE_FORTIFY=no, but that did not alter the behaviour.
    > To clarify matters a little, on CentOS/RHEL I first build lang/gcc7 with USE_NATIVE_GCC=yes set and then build just under 1500 packages using that compiler. On SLES 15, the system compiler is already GCC 7.5, so I use that to build the same set of packages.
    > Our users have requested both GCC 9 and GCC 10, so I am attempting to use pkgsrc to build both of them. At least, lang/gcc10 builds withut too much hassle. I'll have to take a look at the update to

    Ah, that isn't it (I am just mentioning it because CentOS 7 built far
    less packages before this change).  It is lang/gcc49 and lang/gcc5.

Right, switching to lang/gcc7 to build everything made things much easier. Overall, the 2020Q4 release using GCC 7 has been the easiest build that I can recall.


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