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Re: Build failures with gobject_introspection / gvfs

On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 3:29 PM John D. Baker <> wrote:
As the originator of the PR you referenced, I am puzzled that you seem to
be having the same problem we thought was fixed at the time.

The only difference is that I was on amd64/i386/macppc and you are using

I take it you've worked through the diagnostic steps in the PR to reach
your determination that having "gvfs" installed breaks

Failing finding another toolchain quirk similar to that found before, I
can only recommend adding something like:


to your "/etc/mk.conf" file and rebuilding "xfce4-thunar" (and uninstalling
any previously-installed "gvfs" package).

Even after the PR was shown to be fixed, I continued to build with
"PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+= -gvfs" because "gvfs" interferred with the use
of "amd"-managed removable media (it would grab the media upon mount
and keep it open, preventing unmounting).

Yes as soon as gvfs is uninstalled, introspection related stuff is building again, so far with the exception of webkit-gtk-2.30.4, but that seems to be another problem.
xfce4-thunar also builds with the option of gvfs set to disabled.


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