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Re: Build failures with gobject_introspection / gvfs

As the originator of the PR you referenced, I am puzzled that you seem to
be having the same problem we thought was fixed at the time.

The only difference is that I was on amd64/i386/macppc and you are using

I take it you've worked through the diagnostic steps in the PR to reach
your determination that having "gvfs" installed breaks

Failing finding another toolchain quirk similar to that found before, I
can only recommend adding something like:


to your "/etc/mk.conf" file and rebuilding "xfce4-thunar" (and uninstalling
any previously-installed "gvfs" package).

Even after the PR was shown to be fixed, I continued to build with
"PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+= -gvfs" because "gvfs" interferred with the use
of "amd"-managed removable media (it would grab the media upon mount
and keep it open, preventing unmounting).

These days I don't build anything that would ever use it, so I haven't
tried in a long time.

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