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Re: Thunderbird 78.2.2 unusable in 2020Q3

On Sun, 22 Nov 2020, Greg Troxel wrote:

And, it is very helpful if someone can say

applying the following to pkgsrc-2020Q3 results in a thunderbird that

 cd pkgsrc/mail/thunderbird
 cvs up -j1.X1 -j1.Y1 foo.c
 cvs up -j1.X2 -j1.Y2 bar.c

which is much crisper description of the fix than vague statements not
so easily translated to an exact patch.

Actually, the preferred format for a pullup email is "please pull up the following commits" followed by complete commit messages. Our tooling will extract the log message and the cvs commands from the commit message.

There are rare cases where a patch is warranted instead -- such as when HEAD is at the next major version and you want a point release update applied to the stable branch.


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