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Re: Thunderbird 78.2.2 unusable in 2020Q3

On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 07:00:23PM +0100, Matthias Petermann wrote:
> Neverthenless, what is the policy for bug fixes / security fixes for the
> quarterly releases? Of course I have no illusions - maintaining multiple
> parallel branches is labor intensive and so probably not affordable by the
> NetBSD team. However, assuming that someone can be found who finds this
> problem is serious enough to spent some time on, would they apply the
> aforementioned patch or move directly to the newer Thunderbird where the
> problem was also fixed?

Security fixes, build fixes, and fixes for essential functions can be
pulled up to the stable branch - I think this counts. A developer 
needs to forward a commit or patch to pullup-pkgsrc@.

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