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Re: Thunderbird 78.2.2 unusable in 2020Q3


On 22.11.20 11:36, Fekete Zoltán wrote:

I have built a 78.3.0, and the bug disappeared and it works well for me. However 78.3.0 is not considered to be a very good version, quote on the page mentioned above:

"Frequent crashes were reported after updating to Thunderbird 78.3.0. Thunderbird 78.3.1 is now available with a fix."

Thank you for addressing this issue. I noticed it exactly this weekend, too. I had decided to apply this patch:

This is referenced in the corresponding bug report:	

Neverthenless, what is the policy for bug fixes / security fixes for the quarterly releases? Of course I have no illusions - maintaining multiple parallel branches is labor intensive and so probably not affordable by the NetBSD team. However, assuming that someone can be found who finds this problem is serious enough to spent some time on, would they apply the aforementioned patch or move directly to the newer Thunderbird where the problem was also fixed?

Kind regards

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