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Re: Problem using a second pkgsrc unprivileged

On 25/10/2020 09:02, Sad Clouds wrote:
On Sun, 25 Oct 2020 02:38:32 +0200
Connor McLaughlan<>  wrote:

Wouldn't it then be easier to use some chroot to be able to use a
another pkgsrc with standard paths and packages?
Is there some howto available for creating a netbsd chroot?

So why are you bootstrapping and [...] , when

1) You're running NetBSD, hence no need to bootstrap.

You have to if you need/want to try out alternative settings (stable vs current, etc)

> using unprivileged build

I think the point of unprivileged builds is preventing some services from replicated. Imagine two versions of the same deamon running at the same time.

There really should be an exhaustive document explaining the pros, cons and general implications of unprivileged builds.

Ottavio Caruso

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