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Re: Problem using a second pkgsrc unprivileged

On 25.10.2020 01:20, Connor McLaughlan wrote:


The problem is that it tries to access /usr/pkg and not /work/pkg,

What have i done wrong? Is is because of the prebuilt package? Do i
have to build all new with the new bmake?

Yes, if you change the PREFIX, you do have to build all packages again.

The prefix is hardcoded in the binary packages, as well as several other
directories.  You can see a few of them in the +BUILD_INFO file in the
generated binary packages (LOCALBASE, PKG_SYSCONFDIR).

Mixing packages with different PREFIX or VARBASE just doesn't work and
is not supported.  Even though pkg_add allows you to override several
directories using the -K, -P and -p options, this doesn't mean it's a
good idea.

To avoid collecting packages for different pkgsrc installations in a
single directory, you should customize PACKAGES in each mk.conf.  You
can even put the binary packages inside PREFIX if you add this to your

    PACKAGES=		${LOCALBASE}/binpkgs


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