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Re: net/unison2.32, net/unison2.40 and maybe net/unison2.48: proposal to remove

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> My theory about others is:
>   2.32 and 2.40 are so old that there is no one using them.  Therefore
>   we should remove them.

No one spoke up at all, and I have removed 2.32 and 2.40.

>   Given that pkgsrc has ocaml 4.08, any system other than pkgsrc that
>   has unison 2.48 or earlier almost certainly has ocaml < 4.08, and
>   therefore pkgsrc unison 2.48 built with ocaml 4.08 will not interwork.
>   Therefore any unison version built from pkgsrc (now, with how ocaml is
>   now) will not be useful for interworking with any other system.
>   Therefore there is no point to keeping unison2.48, because it gives
>   people the impression that it will work when it will not.

I received on offlist comment concurring with my analysis that 2.48 from
pgksrc (with 4.08) will not interwork with out-of-date 2.48 on peers
because the old 2.48 will have been built with earlier ocaml.

I'll let a full week pass from my original note and then if no
objections or concerns, rm 2.48 as well.

Please do speak up if you use pkgsrc 2.48, or if you need more time to
see if it's usable, etc.

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