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gnash and other swf players

I imported lightspark a while ago out of curiosity (and desire to play
old flash games). It's basically the modern successor to gnash - ish. 
Open source SWF player, except it's actually maintained.

The version in pkgsrc doesn't have browser plugins because most browsers
made in the last half-decade don't support it, you have to download the SWFs.

Its compatibility is still spotty, but shrug. It had a fallback to gnash,
which was removed in the most recent update due to it getting support for
older ActionScript.

Gnash still exists in pkgsrc but doesn't build due to extremely weird C++
syntax errors and ancient, rotting dependencies. A lot of other vendors have
chosen to drop it.

I tried to fix the dependencies but still ran into problems. I'd like to
remove it but wondering if anyone has the ability to get it working again.
In particular, pangox-compat is not actually needed - removing it gives
you a start at least.

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