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Removing cross/ packages: h8300-hms-*, nios2-gcc41

I'd like to remove these two.

nios2-gcc41: I think one nios2 cross compiler is enough.
It might've been held at this version for licensing reasons, but we also
had a gcc3 version (broken, so I removed it), so I'm not sure.

there's nios2-gcc which is 4.7.4.

h8300-hms-{binutils,gcc}: I'd like to remove these two entirely.
The package currently failures with a stack smashing error on netbsd.
attempting to update this reveals its upstream support has been removed
a few versions later.

Let me know of any objections. If not objected, I will remove them in a
week or two.

cc'ing mef as he touched the nios2-gcc package.

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