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Re: devel/git and devel/git-base are confusing

    Date:        Mon, 15 Jul 2019 19:34:47 +0530
    From:        Mayuresh <>
    Message-ID:  <20190715140447.GA14650@localhost>

  | As an off topic I'd be curious about this opinion.

Some other time perhaps.

  | And remove git-base, as after removing bloat git will become same as
  | git-base?

If that is what is happening, that is effectively renaming git-base
and to that I object ... users that have git-base installed won't be
able to trivially upgrade to a newer version.   Better if that is what
it is would be to delete git and keep just git-base.

I have no comment on what is bloat, I have none of it installed, that
is for someone else to decide.

So, if the decision is that git-gitk is bloat for most users, and can
hjust be a separate add-on for those who want it, that gets deleted
but git-contrib and git-docs stay in the git package, then I have no
objection to that (nb: that does not mean that I agree with the
proposition that git-gitk is bloat, and not needed - I simply don't know,
or care).   If all that the git package is to have left is git-base,
then git should simply be removed, and the others left alone.

While I am here - I know things have been renamed before, I am sure
they will be in the future - none of that makes it the right thing to do
(and this is a general principle, it isn't something that applies only to
package names - in pkhsrc it also applies to option names, ... in the
system generally to all kinds of things.)

Lastly, if you already *know* what the git package is, then obviously
you don't need to look at the DESCR, if you don't (what you know about git,
or bash, or anything else other than what the package is, is irrelevant)
then you should always read the DESCR before installing something for the
first time (and any other time you don't remember what that was that you


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