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firefox52 crashes w/o coredump on -current (8.99.49)

(Sending to both pkgsrc-users and current-users as it appears to involve
both package and/or base system elements.)

To test other stuff, I booted -current (8.99.49 as of 20190701).
Firefox52 and all other packages are up-to-date as of pkgsrc-2019Q2
including recent pullups.  When I went to lauch firefox52 and then
reloaded a tab showing "" (US) with the forecast for my area,
the browser window abruptly disappeared.

There was no core dump.  The only clue was in my ".xsession-errors" file:

i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error

Curiously, a complex site like seems to work fine.  Also,
"" page showing a river level gauge near me
works fine.

This is an i82G41TY-based system with integrated intel video.  Due to
SNA lossage on this hardware with the latest Xorg driver, I'm using

I don't recall the last time I booted -current on this machine, but it
didn't have a problem then.  I have so-far not had this problem on
netbsd-8.  The packages on the netbsd-8 install are not yet synced to

Anyone else (with intel graphics) seeing anything like this?

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