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musepack vs libmpcdec (vlc vs audacious-plugins)

With the recent commits bringing "multimedia/vlc" up to date, I figured
I'd give it a whirl again.

As in the past, I've run into a dependency conflict.  "vlc" wants
"audio/musepack" as a dependency, but my previously-installed
"audio/audacious-plugins" has installed "audio/libmpcdec" which is just
the decoder library from Musepack.

So, it seems I must choose:  audacious or vlc--one or the other but not

For testing purposes, I've recursively 'pkg_delete'd "audacious-plugins"
so that I can build "vlc".

Is there a way forward to avoid the conflict?  I would assume the full
"musepack" package includes the decoder.  Perhaps a way for "musepack"
to fulfill the "libmpcdec" dependency if it's already installed?  If
"libmpcdec" is already installed, perhaps a way for "musepack" to
replace it rather than fail due to conflict?


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