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Re: musepack vs libmpcdec (vlc vs audacious-plugins)

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> With the recent commits bringing "multimedia/vlc" up to date, I figured
> I'd give it a whirl again.
> As in the past, I've run into a dependency conflict.  "vlc" wants
> "audio/musepack" as a dependency, but my previously-installed
> "audio/audacious-plugins" has installed "audio/libmpcdec" which is just
> the decoder library from Musepack.
> So, it seems I must choose:  audacious or vlc--one or the other but not
> both.
> For testing purposes, I've recursively 'pkg_delete'd "audacious-plugins"
> so that I can build "vlc".
> Is there a way forward to avoid the conflict?  I would assume the full
> "musepack" package includes the decoder.  Perhaps a way for "musepack"
> to fulfill the "libmpcdec" dependency if it's already installed?  If
> "libmpcdec" is already installed, perhaps a way for "musepack" to
> replace it rather than fail due to conflict?

Generally, for a given upstream package, we try to either package it
whole, or split the package into pieces (typically when some pieces are
smallish and doesn't have lots of dependencies and others are bigger or
depend on big things).

In this case, it appears there are different distfiles and upstream
intends this.  What does the upstream documentation say about installing
one vs the other?   Is one really a newer version and we should drop the
older and repoint packages to the new one?

The dependencies on musepack do not at first glance appear to be really

So I am left with the tenative thought that libmpcdec might be a
candidate for retirement, or at least not being referenced from the
other packages.

What happens if you change audacious-plugins to use musepack's bl3, and
rebuild it?

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