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Re: Bulk commit advice needed: changing wip/ to pkgsrc's [Was wip/pandoc and ghc]

Mayuresh <> writes:

> On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 01:53:53AM +0900, Ryosuke Moro wrote:
>> -.include "../../wip/mk/"
>> +.include "../../mk/"
> On digging pandoc build further it goes on finding packages that require
> above patch.
> I counted, it is in about 219 wip Makefiles. (Not necessarily all needed
> by pandoc but many are needed by pandoc.)
> I have made a bulk change for myself and that solved the haskell related
> problems discussed on this thread. Wonder whether it will be good to
> commit this change.
> wip/ghc is 7.10.2 while lang/ghc is 6.8.3 and lang/ghc7 is 7.6.3.
> As I witnessed with a few packages, including pkgsrc's
> shouldn't break most of the wip haskell packages. If there are a few that
> still want to use wip/mk/, they may specifically override this
> change instead of using it by default.
> Please advise whether I should commit above change.
> Note: It's 219 Makefiles, though of wip, it's a bulk change. Hence wanted
> to check before committing.

Thanks for asking - definitely a good idea with this big a change.

I do not feel that I have quite come to understand what's going on, so
I'll ask a lot of questions ;-)  Note that I'm not looking to figure
this out myself, as in general the more people that can do more
different things the better.  It's more like "please explain the big
picture to the change control board, because if you are proposing such a
change, it would be good if you could answer all of these".  I'm being a
bit more careful than is warranted for wip, but I would love to have
working pandoc.

It seems there are two versions of ghc in pkgsrc proper.  And a newer
version of ghc7 in wip.  So I guess the first question is whether
wip/ghc (maybe should be wip/ghc7) builds ok, and then the next question
is, assuming it builds, what the issue is with the haskell packages in

There is no particular reason that a haskell package in wip should use
the wip version of ghc, instead of the pkgsrc version, if the pkgsrc
version is ok.

The other question is what the difference is between wip/mk/
and mk/  Is it just using the wip/ghc instead of lang/ghc7
when ghc 7 is wanted?

The next question is that for each of these 219, are you just finding
and replacing, or are you finding that they don't build with the wip
version?  Do they build with the lang/ghc7 version?  Do you have any
idea why they are pointed at the wip version?

Is this all about having to use a single ghc version for a bunch of
haskell packages that use each other?  Or is that not relevant?

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