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wip/pandoc and ghc [ Was devel/hs-random cannot find haddock ]

On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 09:49:02AM +0900, Ryosuke Moro wrote:
> /usr/pkgsrc/lang/ghc7/PLIST: bin/haddock

Thanks. I realize what is happening.

I am trying to build wip/pandoc, which seems to demand ghc7.10.2 provided
by wip/ghc. (pkgsrc has ghc7.6.3).

wip/ghc is not providing haddock somehow.

Has anyone succeeded in building wip/pandoc?

BTW it (wip/pandoc) looks about 5 year old version. But it still demands
ghc that is newer than pkgsrc's. That baffles me a bit.

May be I should attempt to upgrade wip/pandoc instead of solving problems
with older version.

Any ideas or suggestions?


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