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Bulk commit advice needed: changing wip/ to pkgsrc's [Was wip/pandoc and ghc]

On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 01:53:53AM +0900, Ryosuke Moro wrote:
> -.include "../../wip/mk/"
> +.include "../../mk/"

On digging pandoc build further it goes on finding packages that require
above patch.

I counted, it is in about 219 wip Makefiles. (Not necessarily all needed
by pandoc but many are needed by pandoc.)

I have made a bulk change for myself and that solved the haskell related
problems discussed on this thread. Wonder whether it will be good to
commit this change.

wip/ghc is 7.10.2 while lang/ghc is 6.8.3 and lang/ghc7 is 7.6.3.

As I witnessed with a few packages, including pkgsrc's
shouldn't break most of the wip haskell packages. If there are a few that
still want to use wip/mk/, they may specifically override this
change instead of using it by default.

Please advise whether I should commit above change.

Note: It's 219 Makefiles, though of wip, it's a bulk change. Hence wanted
to check before committing.


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