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Re: www/amaya - query for users/maintainers


> Opera is closed-source as far as I know.  There is also a closed-source Vivaldi designed to be an update of Opera.

> Yes, Opera is Chrome (Chromium?) source + closed source bits of their own modification.
> I'm no fan of it but I need it to test websites.

Opera web browser (April 1995) existed long before Google Chrome or Chromium (September 2008): I just checked Wikipedia.

But Opera became Chromium-based beginning in May 2013 with Opera 15 beta.

> > > I'm in the (rather slow) process of updating Opera (wip/opera60-bin)

> > > But it is light years away from being lightweight (and also not very portable).

> > > Martin (Husemann)

> > Does "it" refer to Otter Browser or Midori, or is being far from lightweight applicable to both?

> This is 2 messages mixed into one. I only wrote about Opera.
> In case this was addressed to my remarks.

My last part was in response to Martin Husemann.


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