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Re: www/amaya - query for users/maintainers

from nia:

> Is anyone interested in keeping and maintaining www/amaya?

> It's been failing in all recent bulk builds on new OS versions, and
> is several versions out of date. Despite this, last release by
> upstream was in 2012, but I don't think there's been much development
> since.

> I personally think anyone who needs a lightweight browser/web editor
> would be better served by either NetSurf or SeaMonkey, but I want to
> ask if anyone is interested in making Amaya work again (and updating
> it) before I remove it.

> Maybe it offers something the others don't.

I believe Amaya was abandoned upstream years ago, don't really think it would be worth the trouble to keep unless you enjoy frustration.

FreeBSD ports dropped Amaya some years back because of security problems, as they did also with Xombrero.

Xombrero was an interesting browser, but was discontinued upstream because of security problems.

SeaMonkey is not at all lightweight (the Mozilla suite).

Netsurf is very limited in what it will browse.

Otter Browser looks promising.  You could also try a newer version of Midori.

Dillo is very limited in what it will browse, and very frustrating.


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