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Re: www/amaya - query for users/maintainers


Mayuresh transcribed 326 bytes: 
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 12:37:57AM +0000, wrote:
> > Otter Browser looks promising.  You could also try a newer version of Midori.
> Otter is "aiming to recreate classic Opera". That reminds there is an
> ancient opera lurking in pkgsrc as well. Wonder if there are takers for
> that old opera as well. 

Opera is closed-source as far as I know.  There is also a closed-source Vivaldi designed to be an update of Opera.
> I'm in the (rather slow) process of updating Opera (wip/opera60-bin)

> But it is light years away from being lightweight (and also not very portable).

> Martin (Husemann)

Does "it" refer to Otter Browser or Midori, or is being far from lightweight applicable to both?

Neither Dillo, Netsurf, Otter Browser nor Midori were quick to build from source.  Maybe quick compared to Chromium?

There is also WebPositive in Haiku, but its API is rather peculiar to Haiku, meaning not portable.


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