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Re: Cannot print to printer (lpr, a2ps) with "gnumeric112"

On Wed, 11 Jul 2018, Greg Troxel wrote:

> The big question is if there is any lpr other than /usr/bin.


  $ which -a lpr

> Also, you didn't explain your intended print setup.   It sounds like you
> are using  base system lpr, and perhaps expecting PS to be given to
> that.

My intended print setup is what I've been using for several years without
change.  I have an HP 4100mfp [a Real Printer(tm)] which lives on ethernet
and happily auto-detects plain ASCII, PostScript, or HP-PCL.  It is the
default print queue for everything.

If I know a document will fit only one page, I just use 'lpr' and I'm
done.  If I know it will be more than one page, I use 'a2ps' to either
print it n-up or duplex or both.  For TeX output, I use 'dvilj4' and it
Just Works(tm) (provided I remember to use "-l" when I want landscape).

The issue was apparently that the printer didn't like a job formatted
for A4 paper when only US Letter (and US Legal) were available.  Changing
the Page Setup in 'gnumeric' got it printing again.

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