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Re: Cannot print to printer (lpr, a2ps) with "gnumeric112"

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> I don't know if this is related to the "cups" discussion, but in my
> first attempt to print from "gnumeric112" since updating, I find that
> it will not print to my printer.
> The print dialogue comes up, "Print to LPR" is already highlighted,
> CommandLine is "lpr".  I click "Print" and 'lpr' thinks it printed
> something (the files in the spool directory have updated timestamps),
> but nothing happens at the printer.  'lpq' shows no jobs waiting.
> Nothing logged in "/var/log/lpd-errs".
> I can manually print documents with 'lpr' or 'a2ps' and they print fine.

The big question is if there is any lpr other than /usr/bin.

Also, you didn't explain your intended print setup.   It sounds like you
are using  base system lpr, and perhaps expecting PS to be given to

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