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Cannot print to printer (lpr, a2ps) with "gnumeric112"

I don't know if this is related to the "cups" discussion, but in my
first attempt to print from "gnumeric112" since updating, I find that
it will not print to my printer.

The print dialogue comes up, "Print to LPR" is already highlighted,
CommandLine is "lpr".  I click "Print" and 'lpr' thinks it printed
something (the files in the spool directory have updated timestamps),
but nothing happens at the printer.  'lpq' shows no jobs waiting.
Nothing logged in "/var/log/lpd-errs".

I can manually print documents with 'lpr' or 'a2ps' and they print fine.

Since I also printed to PDF anyway, I loaded the PDFs into 'xpdf' and
had no trouble printing from 'xpdf' using either plain 'lpr' or 'a2ps'.
Curiously, I can load the PDFs in 'evince' ("evince3") which has the
same Print dialogue as 'gnumeric' and can print them properly as well
using either plain 'lpr' or 'a2ps'.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?  (gnumeric 1.12.36(?)
from pkgsrc-2018Q1 worked fine)

(I build my packages w/"cups" option disabled and it is not installed
anywhere except the build host (due to "openjdk8" build dependency).)

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