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Re: print/tex-xcolor missing dep tex-colortbl

Mark Davies <> writes:

> On 03/07/18 11:12, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> This seems reasonable to me.   Before I commit it, I'd like to hear from
>> some tex people, specifically:
>>   is there a place where these tex modules (upstream) declare their
>>   dependencies?  Is colortbl listed for xcolor?
>>   It seems this package builds without the new line, but then if you use
>>   certain things it fails.  I don't know if we include all packages as
>>   dependencies if they are \Required by any installed file, or something
>>   elee?
>>   any other reason this is trickier than it seems?
> texlive lists dependencies in the tlpobj file (and texlive2pkg will pull
> them out and list them in the Makefile it produces) but it typically
> doesn't do a very complete job of it.  So when packaging I'll also look
> for "\RequirePackage" in the source and generally add dependencies based
> on that.
> However in the xcolor case colortbl is an optional dependency, it is
> only required if the "table" option is given. There is also an optional
> dependency on tex-oberdiek (for pdfcolmk.sty) if the "fixpdftex" option
> is given.

So therefore tex-colortbl should not be listed as a dependency,
instead anyone using xcolor with the table option should install it, and
therefore no changes to pkgsrc are warranted?

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