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Re: print/tex-xcolor missing dep tex-colortbl

On 03/07/18 11:12, Greg Troxel wrote:
> This seems reasonable to me.   Before I commit it, I'd like to hear from
> some tex people, specifically:
>   is there a place where these tex modules (upstream) declare their
>   dependencies?  Is colortbl listed for xcolor?
>   It seems this package builds without the new line, but then if you use
>   certain things it fails.  I don't know if we include all packages as
>   dependencies if they are \Required by any installed file, or something
>   elee?
>   any other reason this is trickier than it seems?

texlive lists dependencies in the tlpobj file (and texlive2pkg will pull
them out and list them in the Makefile it produces) but it typically
doesn't do a very complete job of it.  So when packaging I'll also look
for "\RequirePackage" in the source and generally add dependencies based
on that.

However in the xcolor case colortbl is an optional dependency, it is
only required if the "table" option is given. There is also an optional
dependency on tex-oberdiek (for pdfcolmk.sty) if the "fixpdftex" option
is given.


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