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Re: epoxy?

Phil Nelson <> writes:

> It turns out that the issue was a half installed libepoxy package.  My
> machine must have crashed halfway through adding the pkgsrc libepoxy.
> The DB said it was installed, but none of the actual files were where
> they were supposed to be.   And pkg_delete wouldn't delete the package.
> I had to do a pkg_add -U (replace)  to get it update and then the packages
> needing libepoxy could then continue to success.

I tend to do:
  # pkg_admin check
  # pkg_admin rebuild-tree

as the pkgsrc equivalent of fsck.

> I'm wondering if the order of doing things should be reversed ... add the
> files first (or at least mark the packgage as being installed) and then
> when done, then mark the packate as installed.  

That could make sense.  I wonder if there are reasons for the current
ordering, and what the people that work on pkg_isntall think, other

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