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Re: Build fails: "sane-backends" on netbsd-8/amd64

On Fri, 30 Mar 2018, John D. Baker wrote:

> "graphics/sane-backends/Makefile.common" sets:
>   CONFIGURE_ENV+=         ac_cv_path_LATEX="no"
> presumedly to tell "sane-backends" to not produce LaTeX documentation,
> but it seems the mechanism has changed and it is taking the path literally
> instead of a hint to not produce LaTeX documentation.

If the above line in the Makefile is commented out, the configure script
finds '/usr/pkg/bin/latex', but still fails due to missing "times.sty".
The build system has "texlive-collection-langenglish" and
"texlive-collection-binextra" installed.

It will be interesting to see what happens when building "sane-backends"
on a system without any TeX system installed.  That would probably
replicate the conditions of a bulk build more closely.  The problem
doesn't appear in any bulk-build logs.

Also, figure out why the version in pkgsrc-2017Q4 and prior never had
this issue.

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