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Re: Build fails: "sane-backends", "libggi", "libgii" on netbsd-8/amd64

On Fri, 30 Mar 2018, John D. Baker wrote:

> "graphics/sane-backends/Makefile.common" sets:
>   CONFIGURE_ENV+=         ac_cv_path_LATEX="no"
> presumedly to tell "sane-backends" to not produce LaTeX documentation,
> but it seems the mechanism has changed and it is taking the path literally
> instead of a hint to not produce LaTeX documentation.

Commenting out the above, "sane-backends" finds the latex program.

If the intent was to disable LaTeX documentation, this no-longer works.
The configure script finds other *TeX programs although "sane-backends"
does not itself depend on any TeX packages.  It searches for (and finds):

checking for makeindex... /usr/pkg/bin/makeindex
checking for dvips... /usr/pkg/bin/dvips
checking for latex... /usr/pkg/bin/latex
checking for pdflatex... /usr/pkg/bin/pdflatex
checking for fig2dev... /usr/pkg/bin/fig2dev
checking for gs... /usr/pkg/bin/gs
checking for dlh... no
checking for ppmtogif... /usr/pkg/bin/ppmtogif

With the stock "Makefile.common", the only thing changed is that the
path to "latex" reads "no".

'dlh' appears to generate HTML (from .dvi?).  If it tries to build
html documentation, this will fail next.

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