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Re: mozilla-rootcerts assumes /etc/ssl/certs

On 06/18, Greg Troxel wrote:
> > What am I missing about how all this works?
> You are 99% right, I think.  But, the certdir should not be
> PKG_SYSCONFDIR, since it could be from the base system.  I have tried to
> subsitute it appropriately; please have a look and comment.

Hi, Greg.

OK, I had a look, and it looks good to me!  Thanks!

A few additional comments:

* I don't know if it's safe to assume that the built-in SSLDIR location
  is always /etc/openssl.  Maybe it would be better to have the openssl
  built-in logic provide the location?  Anyway, it's much better than it

* files/ contains
  'self="@LOCALBASE@/sbin/mozilla-rootcerts"'.  I was under the
  impression that PREFIX is always the same as LOCALBASE and that
  PREFIX is preferred.  If this is the case, that line could be changed
  to use "@PREFIX@" instead, and LOCALBASE could be removed from
  SUBST_VARS.paths in Makefile.  Obviously, this is very minor, and I'm
  also making the comment to improve my understanding in case I'm wrong.
  Your changes are a huge improvement!



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