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Re: mozilla-rootcerts assumes /etc/ssl/certs

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> OK, I had a look, and it looks good to me!  Thanks!
> A few additional comments:
> * I don't know if it's safe to assume that the built-in SSLDIR location
>   is always /etc/openssl.  Maybe it would be better to have the openssl
>   built-in logic provide the location?  Anyway, it's much better than it
>   was!

A good point, but I am not inclined to worry, since it does not seem to
be a problem (are there any systems were that isn't, for a builtin we
actually use?)  and I have a long list of things that are broken to work
on.  But if you have a clean patch, and have tested it, feel free to
send it to me.

> * files/ contains
>   'self="@LOCALBASE@/sbin/mozilla-rootcerts"'.  I was under the
>   impression that PREFIX is always the same as LOCALBASE and that
>   PREFIX is preferred.  If this is the case, that line could be changed
>   to use "@PREFIX@" instead, and LOCALBASE could be removed from
>   SUBST_VARS.paths in Makefile.  Obviously, this is very minor, and I'm
>   also making the comment to improve my understanding in case I'm wrong.
>   Your changes are a huge improvement!

Almost.  They are the same. But PREFIX is where this package is being
built for, and LOCALBASE is what PREFIX is supposed to be.    So as you say
if you are referring to something in this package, PREFIX is preferred,
and if something that is about where pkgsrc is built for, not this
package, LOCALBASE is preferred.  Also in the old days sometimes PREFIX
was X11BASE instead.   Not a real issue, but I cleaned this up some.

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