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Re: pkgtools/pkg status in NetBSD with pkgsrc, does anybody use it?

> > I already git-cloned pkgsrc-synth repository.  From what John Marino said, I could see that using synth would burn bridges on pkgsrc pkg_* tools.

> Curious - what does this mean? Good, bad, different format,
> compatible/incompatible, better performing? Not trying to score
> points, just understand - you obviously have some knowledge of this,
> so can you share it, please?
> Thanks,
> Alistair

Synth, imported from FreeBSD ports, works on the new pkgng format using pkg, imported from FreeBSD and superseding older pkg_* tools which can no longer be used in FreeBSD.

New package format with pkgng is not compatible with old format, and this would apply to NetBSD if using synth.


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