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Re: pkgtools/pkg status in NetBSD with pkgsrc, does anybody use it?

> > What do the NetBSD pkgsrc developers use?

> As a developer, I use the pkg_foo toolset (i.e. the default package tools). If we as devs used something else, that would probably be the default.
> Having said that, I am curious about pkg and synth but I have not gotten around to trying them yet. I donâ??t even know how to get started with pkg, is there a how-to?
> > I don't want to be the only one using pkgtools/pkg because, if something doesn't work right, there would be no community to help me.
> True. I can see how thatâ??s an argument. Or you could try it out and report back if it breaks.

pkg, the main feature of pkgng in FreeBSD, replaced the traditional pkg_* tools that were about the same as what is still in use in NetBSD with pkgsrc.

There was a pkg2ng to convert from old format to new, but that is no longer around, since FreeBSD versions that used old pkg_* tools are now all past EOL.

So I am accustomed to ports-mgmt/pkg now in FreeBSD, but synth is newer.

My first attempt to build synth was on FreeBSD-current and failed when the system crashed and rebooted as I was sleeping, likely due to an instability of the system rather than synth.

Next attempt would be on 11.0-STABLE amd64 after I rebuild that.

I have a NetBSD-current amd64 installation with nothing installed that might be a good place to see if synth will build, though I would like to see first, if possible, how it works on its home turf, FreeBSD.

Progress is not made by people who are afraid to try new things.  I could try and report back, favorable or unfavorable as the case might be.


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