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Re: Confused, in need of direction

On Mar 25, 2017, at 4:31 PM, Robert Nestor <> wrote:
> Anyway, given that I’m stuck running a version of NetBSD -current on this system (it’s amd64 if that matters), what is the recommended version of pkgsrc I should be trying to use and how do I make sure that’s the path I’m on?  Secondly, if I do that and run into package build errors should I post them and if so, to which list?

When you did "cvs update -A", you updated to pkgsrc-current, which is a fine and sensible choice for a system running a prerelease OS. It's also a fine and sensible choice for many folks running production systems. My mail and web server has run NetBSD releases for quite some years, during which I've been building and deploying a fresh batch of packages from pkgsrc-current every week or so. That way, when something goes wrong, the search space is already pretty well narrowed down. :-)

I suppose this is another way of saying that pkgsrc-current is also a fine and sensible choice if you find things that aren't working, because the trunk is the easiest place to reproduce and/or have a pkgsrceror commit a fix.

If you're having problems, you're already posting to the right list. Can you pick one of the problems you're seeing and give us a more detailed and specific report?

- Amitai

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