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Re: Confused, in need of direction


At the present I’m trying to build xfce4 out of meta-pkgs and it keeps getting hung up on a build of gstreamer0.10.

The  error is:
Makefile:657: recipe for target ‘all-recursive’ failed
gmake[1] *** [all-recursive] Error 1
gmake[1]: Leaving directory ‘/usr/pkgsrc/multimedia/gstreamer0.10/work/gstrreamer-0.10.35’
Makefile:563: recipe for target ‘all’ failed
gmake: *** [all] Errror 2

If there are errors before that that are more pertinent they’ve already scrolled by on my screen, but I can capture everything using script if necessary.

Before doing any pkgsrc builds I run a little script that descends into every package in the tree and does a “make clean” if it finds a work directory.  When that completes I run a “cvs update -A”.  I believe this gives me a totally clean and updated pkgsrc tree.  Then I attempt building the package that previously failed, this this case xfce4.

My mk.conf is the default one taken from /usr/pkgsrc/mk/defaults.  The only changes I made to it are for licenses for packages that won’t build with that default license setups.


On Mar 25, 2017, at 3:53 PM, Ian D. Leroux <> wrote:

> On Sat, 25 Mar 2017 15:31:26 -0500 Robert Nestor <>
> wrote:
>> Anyway, given that I’m stuck running a version of NetBSD -current on
>> this system (it’s amd64 if that matters), what is the recommended
>> version of pkgsrc I should be trying to use and how do I make sure
>> that’s the path I’m on?  Secondly, if I do that and run into package
>> build errors should I post them and if so, to which list?
> I've been running amd64 -current for years, and building all my
> packages from pkgsrc HEAD for even longer.  Things do occasionally
> break (that's why we have release branches, after all), but most of the
> time this combination works well (and reproducible breakage usually gets
> fixed fairly quickly).  Breakage generally gets reported to
> pkgsrc-users@ and I haven't seen or heard of any large-scale problems
> recently, so I suspect something is broken either with your base system
> installation or your pkgsrc tree. pkgsrc-users@ is a perfectly
> appropriate venue to ask for help in solving such problems. Some
> questions to get the ball rolling:
> - can you name a specific package that is failing for you right now and
> provide the failure message?
> - before attempting to build such a package, try running 'make
> clean-depends' from the package directory.  This makes sure that
> there are no stale files left over from previous attempts that might
> confuse matters.
> - what's in /etc/mk.conf?
> --

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