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Re: distfile mirror site preferences and how to influence them?

On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 04:24:03PM -0700, Swift Griggs wrote:
> That makes me wonder about how easy it would or wouldn't be to do something
> similar to the way pacman under Arch Linux works (ie.. use a "best site
> picker"). Of course, that'd be sans all the horrible repo-shuffling they've
> done and the number of times they've broken their entire distro with it.
> Ie.. I realize it's non-trivial.

Please read the original recommendation. There are enough well connected
distfile mirrors that cover pretty much all the redistributable
distfiles. Not sure if has that part of the tree, but
otherwise e.g. does. For the non-redistributable
distfiles, you seldomly have multiple upstream sites, so it really
doesn't justify the cost.


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